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Where can I get training to be a chimney sweep

posted on Thursday 15th April, 2010 at 17:04 COMMENTS (0)

I keep being asked "where can I get trained to be a chimney sweep apart from going out with an experienced and trained sweep?" (which is really one of the best options). 

Here is a list of all the training that is available at the moment in the UK. 

Firstly, there is the HETAS solid fuel awareness course, this course doesn't teach you about sweeping but it goes through all the regulations and some basic problem solving to go with solid fuel, contact HETAS for details. 

Secondly, NACS run a two day training course with sweeping techniques, equipment that is required and I believe you also get to go out with an experienced sweep. 

Thirdly, The Guild of Master Sweeps (GMS) also run a two day course, similar to NACS.  Both the NACS and GMS courses cost over a thousand pounds!

Fourthly, we have The Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS) who run a one day familiarisation course, which gives you the basic knowledge and equipment required for chimney sweeping.  But the ICS also strongely recommend you also go out with an experienced sweep. 

Finally, we have The Association of Proffesional Independant Chimney Sweeps (APICS).  Although APICS do not run a training school, they do offer a mentoring scheme, and to join APICS you have to be assessed by three examiners and if you pass and also hold the HETAS qualification you can become a HETAS approved sweep.

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