Consultant Chimney Sweeper

Consultant Chimney Sweeper

Home Visits

I can come to your home to advise:

  • About suitable appliances for your home
  • How to use an open fire safely
  • How to use solid fuel appliances safely
  • Problem solving, such as down draughts etc

After a short time chimney sweeping, I started to realize Britain had skipped two or three generations of people who knew how to operate and run open fires and solid fuel appliances in the home.  I was being asked all sorts of questions from "What sort of fire tools and fuel do I require for my appliance?" As well as people needing to know how to install room heaters and who in the area could install and supply such items.

I then decided to start a consultancy side of my business.  I visit your home to give you advice on the most suitable appliance you can install and a selection of the best companies in the area that can supply the products.  All my advice is totally impartial.  I can also visit your home should you have a problem with an existing appliance e.g.  down draught problems, fires going out and even going back to basics; how to light a fire. 

To further my knowledge I have taken the coal traders examination.  In 2007 I attended a seminar in Germany and I try to attend most of the UK's trade shows.


In 2008 I was a guest speaker at the Institute of Chimney Sweeps where I gave a talk about the Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance (COCAA), Basic Risk Assessment and P.P.E.(Personal Protective Equipment) for chimney sweeps.  Following these lectures I was asked to become a honorary member of the Institute, which I happily accepted.  I have also given talks to APICS and the Guild of Master Sweeps on PPE and risk assessment, also in 2011 and 2012 I gave presentations in the USA for chimney sweeps at the NCSG national trade shows.

Speaking at the Connecticut Trade Show USA 2011
Speaking at the Connecticut Trade Show USA 2011

I am happy to extend my services as a speaker on these topics to any interested organisation or group upon request.  So far, I've put together presentations about the following:

  • The History of Chimney Sweeping
  • Basic Risk Assessment and PPE for chimney sweeps
  • COCAA and the dangers of carbon monoxide in the home
  • Removal of tar and creosote using mechanical methods (Rotary / Power sweeping)
  • Solid Fuel stoves and thatched cottages

If I am unable to solve a problem I can call upon a vast network of chimney sweeps and chimney engineers for advice.